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UNITY (1918)


"The cast is uniformly strong, with one speech standing out: Joe Jung as Hart..."

"’s smoothly directed by KJ Sanchez and meets every challenge that a tiny, bare-bones theater presents. Evocative lighting and sound effects...abound."


"Imagine Our Town as seen through the eyes of Stephen King, and you’ll have a pretty good picture of what to expect from Canadian playwright Kevin Kerr’s Unity (1918)."  

"The strong cast...along with KJ Sanchez’s imaginative direction, make for a worthy evening of theater about unconventional characters finding themselves in a world run amok."  - Howard Miller



"Director KJ Sanchez stages the story with a touch that is both light and earthy.  Joe Jung's sound design brings a spine-tingling immediacy to the proceedings."

"(Beth Ann) Hopkins is captivating."

"Unity is not only a thoughtful work of historical fiction, but a shrewd depiction of human behavior in the midst of the plague."  - Zachary Stewart



"Unity (1918) is simultaneously engaging and subtle, provocative and folksy, and most of all a fascinating story executed with charming theatricality."  - Mike Poblete





Joe Jung delivers a "delightfully comic, honest and touching performance."  Joshua Everett Johnson's portrayal of Stan is "wonderfully heartfelt."  Jessi Blue Gormezano's plays Beatrice "with the sweet grit and determination of a woman fighting for her own."  

"With this dedicated and talented ensemble and this brazen script, Sanchez has guided this production to highlight the harsh realities of war, love, and loss."  - Patrick Moran




"To say I was floored by this play is an understatement."

"Every performance was different and singling one out would be a disservice to the work they did together."

"To miss this play will be a foolish move from any theater lover. I can’t stop talking about it to everybody I know who loves the stage and even to those that don’t."




"It’s a perfect fit, the ensemble’s talents and creative impulses are a perfect match with Kevin Kerr’s black humor, generosity of spirit – the way he finds love and joy in the darkest places – and his language. The cast is perfectly equipped to travel between the banal and the profound, just as Kevin’s writing does. All the stars lined up for this one."

Full Review Fix Exclusive Interview with KJ Sanchez, director of Unity (1918)

"My ideal would be that every play produced itself changes one thing (or more) about theatre... that is to say that theatre would be recognized as responsive, immediate, ever-changing, shape shifting. That every play is about two things: it's about the thing its about, but its also a manifest -- the playwrights vision of what theatre can become."

Full Interview with Kevin Kerr, Unity 1918 playwright 


Critics love this world premier calling it "A powerful, insightful, cynical and timely take on survival" "whip-smart and dark" "it gets an A!"  NY MAGAZINE says "See OCCUPATION" - one of the Top 25 Things to Do this weekend. 


"Joe Jung's modest, masterful production cries out for extension...but don't wait. Where else this or any week are you likely to hear the line, 'Don't fucking embarrass me in front of Jesus'?" ~ Vulture

"Ferrigni, an energetic young playwright still in his musically profane stage...create(s) an impetuously messy, often uproariously funny suicide vest of a satire..."  ~ Vulture

"Alexandra Perliwitz is absolutely brilliant as Bets" ~

James Chen portrays "this mercurial character without a flicker of falseness"  "intelligent and skillful portrayal." ~

Jonathan Hopkins is "perfectly charismatic and craven in equal parts."

Heather Kelley "imbues her with a manner so sharp one might cut oneself on the way to seduction," "smart and tough," "The actress is true and gripping throughout." ~

"It’s an absurd concept at first blush, but Ferrigni and director Joe Jung pull it off to such a degree...that when the house lights come up, the outlandish story we’ve just witnessed simply doesn’t seem all that far-fetched." ~ Times Square Chronicles


December 16, 2011 - Papermag

MANGELLA was among the top 10 Off-Off Broadway shows of 2011 according to Tom Murrin.  


October 18, 2011 - New York Post

Cyber fun pure-joy shtick.

Staged with imaginative, low-budget flair by Joe Jung and performed with total conviction by the ensemble, "Mangella" is a virtual, LOL hoot.

3 out of 4 stars!

Frank Scheck


October 19, 2011 - The Village Voice

(Ali) Perlwitz (is) a game performer with ripe comic timing.

Jung's direction is genuine, and the performances are outstanding - (Anthony) Manna navigates the tonal shifts skillfully, while (Hannah) Wilson does sexy/mysterious and sincere/verbose with equal dexterity.

Mangella is a smart and unpredictable play, and a risky one too - primarily in the trust and patience it requires of its viewers.  in this case, it's a risk that pays off handsomely.

Jason Bailey


October 17, 2011 - F.A.M.E. NYC Magazine

Cheeky...thought-provoking...stylish, Ken Ferrigni penned a script that is ripe for the madness that is pop culture in the 21st century.


The One Stop Curiosity Shop

Mangella is well-produced, with Perlwitz's representation of the "clingy" computer played at perfect pitch.

Ferrigni definitely has a handle on his geekese, and what's more the actors have come to a point where it rolls effortlessly off their tongues.

 In the end, Mangella is a play that opens up many new ways to think about avatars - the ones in our minds, the ones we create online, and the ones we envision for other people, to name a few varieties - and how as people it is easier for us to project our image of someone else onto them than to listen to who they really are.  Simultaneously, it is a reminder that "actual" reality, as opposed to "virtual" is not consensual and does not need our permission to happen around us - but that we can still be active participants in determining how our lives move forward in time.

Rachel Lynn Brody


October 13, 2011 - T and B on the Aisle

Connectivity takes on a whole new meaning...

While all the actors are excellent, Ali Perlwitz handles a particularly Shakespearean fugue in the play with special finesse.

A well-observed love story.

Joe Jung directs the action at a lovingly fast-pace, balancing the energy and innocence of the characters with the absurdist storyline.

Tamara & Burt Becker


October 14, 2011 - Papermag


Tom Murrin



A COMPUTER IN LOVE:  Interview with Anthony Manna and Ali Perlwitz.

Mark Blankenship


October 11, 2011 - Backstage

Ken Ferrigni's Mangella starts out as a twisted romantic comedy between a man and his computer, and gradually becomes a twisted philosophical comedy about the ambiguity of notions like "privacy" and "identity" in the technological age.

Joe Jung keeps the energy high without losing control of the material.

A.J. Mell


October 6, 2011 -

Director Joe Jung has accurately captured all...types of introversion, while making the characters quite sympathetic.

J.J. Bernard and Francois Portier are responsible for the fabulous scenery...

Nick Borisjuk's sound hightens the tension.

Jessi Blue Gormezano's costumes are very sexy, from the restless computer trappings of Gabriella to the almost nothing that Lily wears.

Ed Malin


October 7, 2011 - Keeping the Starving Out of Starving Artist

The show was enjoyable, funny, and bizarre.  it was an excellent piece of off-off-Broadway


My Custom Van

March 9, 2010 - Punchline Magazine

Great news!  My Custom Van just got a write-up on  


April 10, 2009 - OffOffOnline

This production (selects) roughly a dozen vignettes from Black's book and (magnifies) them in some of the most enjoyably over-the-top ways imaginable.

The whole rock solid.

Chad Lefebvre's stellar lighting and projection design becomes an important character throughout the evening.

It may not be full of insight, but it sure is full of laughs.

The Secretaries

May 24, 2009 - OffOffOnline

It is a blessing when a theater troupe decides to breathe life into a more forgotten work.  Such is the case with Project: Theater's current production of The Five Lesbian Brothers' barbed mid-1990s work, The Secretaries...

Both subject and style have been embraced wholeheartedly by director Joe Jung and the rest of Project: Theater's immensely talented ensemble...

...this particular production is great fun, and its excellent cast deserves a lot of credit...

Doug Strassler


June 15, 2009 -

The acting in The Secretaries is outstanding, with each actor milking out as much humor as possible from the role, and leaving each character grounded in reality, even as the situations get wilder and wilder.

Production values are strong as well, particularly J.J. Bernard and Francois Portier's flexible set and Gracie Law's lighting.  Joe Jung's strong directing helps make this an excellent production.  For a fun, campy, and laugh-out-loud good time, I heartily recommend The Secretaries."

Byrne Harrison

Shel's Shorts

New York Cool

The production has a whimsical, handmade feel, which is a perfect accompaniment to Silverstein's poetic approach and illustrative style.

The talented cast delivers meditations on the peculiarities of life situations, mundane and far-fetched, and the great pleasure is watching the arc and the development of each individual story.

it's a great evening of comedy, and a perfect way for the audience to rediscover the talented Shel Silverstein that they never knew existed.

The actors are uniformly excellent...

Allison Ford


February 9, 2008 - OffOffOnline

Project: Theater fully embraces this hilarity in their production of Shel's Shorts.

Fortunately, in this off the wall recreation of Shel's work, Project: Theater did more than just stay true to the beloved author's words; they also stayed true to his spirit.


NYIT Awards

An incredible show...that spent its money and time in all the right places.  Joe Jung's direction was seamless.  The piece moved fluidly and beautifully through a variety of different times and places, and the ensemble was remarkably strong.

I though it a compelling play, well produced, and well directed.  The ensemble work was tight and effective.  I really appreciated the minimal production value, that was more than made up for by the actors movements and sound filling the stage...a great evening at the theater, an ambitious project well done.

The Great American Desert

The New York Times

It's all delivered with likable high energy by a young cast.


October 10, 2005 - OffOffOnline

It's Ayers's well-heeled ensemble cast that grounds the work, which runs a very taught 50 minutes.  All of them demonstrated a remarkable amount of energy and focus...

Ayers has turned the show into a labor of love, creatively fusing old genres and styles into something fresh.

Doug Strassler