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This summer we are thrilled to present the U.S. premiere of UNITY 1918 by Kevin Kerr, directed by KJ Sanchez. The show will run from August 6-23 at the Gene Frankel Theatre (24 Bond St.) in Manhattan.

In the fall of 1918, a world ravaged by World War I was blindsided by a mysterious and deadly plague. The "Spanish Flu" cut down not only the very young and very old, but people in the prime of their lives, killing far more than had been killed in battle during the war.

The small town of Unity takes drastic action. The town is under quarantine and the borders are sealed - no one can enter, no one can leave. Even mail from overseas is burned. When the disease descends despite their precautions, the town-folk of Unity have only each other to turn to - in terror and in hope and, amidst this apocalyptic landscape, when death is knocking at the door, perhaps even in love.

Part Gothic romance, part pandemic horror story, and infused with biting dark humor, Kevin Kerr's UNITY (1918) (winner of the Canadian Governor General's Award for Drama) is an epic chronicle of this remarkable chapter of human history.

Featuring: Wendy Bagger, Alicia Dawn Bullen*, Jessi Blue Gormezano*, Doug Harris*, Beth Ann Hopkins*, Joshua Everett Johnson, Joe Jung*, Alexandra Perlwitz, and Melanie Rey*.

Production Stage Manager: Marcus Denard Johnson
Lighting Design: Kenton Yeager
Set/Costume Design: Douglas Clarke
Prop Design: Alicia Dawn Bullen
Assistant Director: Rob Mueller
Press Representative: Karen Greco

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