This summer we are thrilled to present the U.S. premiere of UNITY 1918, winner of the 2002 Governor General's Literary Award, by Canadian playwright Kevin Kerr, directed by KJ Sanchez. The show will run from August 6-23 at the Gene Frankel Theatre (24 Bond St.) in Manhattan.

Set in the Fall of 1918, a world ravaged by war is suddenly struck by a mysterious and deadly plague known as the Spanish Flu, an invisible killer that wiped out up to 100 million people (3-5% of the world's population). The illness hit hardest the young, strong and healthy bringing panic, helplessness and terror that mirrored the experiences of the soldiers returning home from the Great War. The small town of Unity is quarantined in an attempt to keep the illness out, and as fear and despair creep into their once peaceful lives they can only look to each other for hope. UNITY 1918 is about the resiliency of the human spirit in the midst of unthinkable chaos. 

Dance of Death 1918 


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